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Past Projects for PGSS

  • Provided free crisis intervention training and debriefing for staff with the death of a student and teacher.
  • Provided free pamphlets regarding grief and loss.
  • Provided newsletter about grief and loss to community agencies and to those who have had a recent loss.
  • On call counselor for local charter schools to provide debriefing to staff around grief and loss.
  • Provide small scholarships to children who have lost a parent to death and are entering college.  (Graduates of the bereavement camps that have volunteered or have been a participant in the camp years).
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Future Projects for PGSS  

  • Bereavement Camp 
    • Bereavement Camp will be held once a year in the summer free of charge for children who have had a loss through death.  Counselors would also attend at no cost. First offering would be to the participants of the support groups and then opened up to the general community.  The main purpose is to let children know that they are not alone and give them a place to have fun while learning about grief and loss.
  • Provision of education and training to the community regarding bereavement issues and increase the number of support group sessions.
    • Training community leaders as peer support facilitators and community outreach liaisons in the field of death education.  These leaders would also include members of faith-based organizations.
    • Ultimately, we will develop a community based grief educational program.
    • In addition, we will educate and train professionals regarding issues around cultural diversity and the grieving process.  
  • Dissemination of information about grief and grief services 
    • Quarterly compilations and updates of bereavement resources available.  Making referrals for family members to other grief resources in their local community.
  • Development of culturally and age sensitive death education materials 
    • There are limited death education/grief materials that address issues around cultural diversity and age.  We will enlist the assistance of a production company to make a video, which is culturally sensitive to the grieving process.  In addition, pamphlets will be made to assist those working with diverse populations. 
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Services and program offered

  • Time limited support groups facilitated by professionals in grief, loss and transitional issues
  • Speaker’s Bureau about grief related topics
  • Referrals to professional counseling services
  • Additional referrals to community based organizations that provide services to this population
  • Bereavement Camp for children ***pending funding