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Precious Gems Supportive Services (PGSS) is a community based non-profit organization 501(c)(3) formed in 1995, incorporated in 2001 to provide grief, loss, and transition support within underserved populations.  PGSS has established a program that recognizes that grief is a normal part of life and offers a safe place for children/teens to express those feelings, within their own communities.

Mission and Vision of Precious Gems Supportive Services

The mission of PGSS is to help children and families who have experienced a loss through death to move through the grief process by offering grief/bereavement support/counseling as needed regardless of ability to pay.

We provide information and educational programs relating to grief and loss for healthcare staffs, community leaders, teachers, and clergy.

Our Methodology

Methodology includes lectures, music therapy, videos, role-playing activities and experiential activities based on the three principles of: awareness, availability and attention.


This is very precious and PGSS realizes that a commitment to such may not be possible on a long-term basis. Thus, PGSS will offer ongoing focus groups broken down into four sessions: winter, spring, summer, and fall. These sessions are in the neighborhood of the participants as to reduce the hardship of transportation. Saturday sessions will be held as not to interfere with school or work situations.


We are in direct communication with parents, schools, hospitals, churches, and hospices. We advertise by flyers, local community newspaper announcements, church bulletins, and word of mouth.


PGSS will be attentive to the whole individual. We will establish and maintain a resource directory for dealing with other family issues that may arise through the support group sessions. The directory will include, but not be limited to, suggested reading materials and a list of agencies in the Philadelphia metropolitan area, preferably those that provide any social service assistance within underserved and vulnerable populations.

Who do we serve?

 We offer services throughout the Philadelphia community area and the nearby (Glenside, Ambler and Jenkintown) Montgomery County. We plan to have the program replicated throughout the city and Delaware Valley region.

Who do we serve?

All are served however, special emphasis is placed on underserved and vulnerable individuals.  This group would include children (in foster care, single parent households and those considered “at risk”), the elderly and ethnic minorities. 

At the present time, the main emphasis is on children. Since PGSS is a non-profit organization whose services are completely free, we hope to help those most in need of our services by assuring that finances and medical insurance are not requirement for obtaining the needed assistance.  

Is there a cost?

There is no charge for our services in order to ensure equal access to everyone.  We ask families to make a donation so that the services can continue to be offered at no charge to others.  To contribute, visit our Donate Page.

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